Fraser Rugs

85 Cushing Perfection Dyes and dye chart

85 Cushing Dyes one of each color listed below

Champagne, Salmon, Aqualon Pink, Rose Pink, Rose, Woodrose, Old Rose, Aqualon Wine, Strawberry,  American Beauty, Cherry, Lavender, Orchid, Violet, Purple, Bright Purple, Redgrape, Magenta, Wine, Maroon, Mulberry, Burgundy, Plum, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Copenhagen Blue, Sky Blue, Peacock, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise, Aqualon Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Baby Blue, Aqua, Nile Green, Ocean Green, Aquagreen, Turquoise Green, Jade Green, Mint Green, Bright Green, Hunter Green, Myrtle Green, Reseda Green, Dark Green, Bronze Green, Olive Green, Khaki,  Silver Gray Green, Bronze, Old Gold, Buttercup Yellow, Nugget Gold, Gold, Yellow, Canary, Chartreuse, Lemon, Maize, Aqualon Yellow, Old Ivory, Ecru, Apricot, Peach, Orange, Coral, Crimson, Scarlet, Turkey Red, Cardinal, terra Cotta, Egyptian Red, Mummy Brown, Brown Rust, Golden Brown, Tan, Light Brown, Spice Brown, Seal Brown, Taupe, Dark Brown, Silver Gray, Dark Gray, Black